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78D Double Aspheric Condensing Lens

78D Double Aspheric Condensing Lens for slit lamp exams-

78D Condensing Lenses

Double Aspheric and Anti-Reflective Coat

Choose from ION Vision or SVT Branded Lenses.  Both are high quality lenses at very competitive pricing.

The 78D slit lamp lens offers a bit more magnification than the 90D. This larger image size can assist in assessing pathologies you might not see with the 90D. Corrected for field curvature, and aberrations.   The 78D is a perfect lens addition to help you in your observations.  These offer an ideal combination of field of view and magnification.  

The increased mag will provide unsurpassed clarity of the fundus, arteries, veins and optic disc during your evaluations.  The lens will also extend the working distance from cornea compared to the 90D which can be important to nervous patients.

Try one of our  78D lenses.  If not satisfied, return for a risk free refund within 30 days.

Yes, it comes with a case.


Picture of 78 D Aspheric Condensing Lens
78 D Aspheric Condensing Lens
78 Diopter Aspheric Lens with A/R coating
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SKU: SVT11-D87
Picture of 78D Double Aspheric Condensing Lens by ION Vision
78D Double Aspheric Condensing Lens by ION Vision
ION's eZVIew 78D slit lamp lens is an ideal general diagnostic and treatment lens. It mixes superior magnification with field of view. All glass, aspheric design coupled and a broadband Anti-Reflective Coating. This eZView 78D will become your "NEW STANDARD" in use.
SKU: SVT18-D87
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